CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2011


From 5th to 25th September 2011 nationally and internationally acclaimed urban artists took over the city of Cologne.

Large-scale murals, paste-ups and installations in public places, on facades and gables as well as in several off-locations and galleries greatly enriched the urban landscape and revealed most diverse facets of artistic expression.

Guided tours along murals and exhibition sites were offered during the entire run of the festival. Apart from that, an exciting programme including movie screenings, open discussions, music performances and live paintings helped to familiarize the public with different tendencies of urban culture, provided background knowledge and created new spaces for convention and discourse.

By inviting a multitude of artists from Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina a main curatorial focus in 2011 was laid on presenting the rich and dynamic Latin American urban art scene.

27 house facades and gables all across the Cologne city centre and the borough of Ehrenfeld functioned as exhibition space. Apart from that, the festival was completed by 14 indoor exhibitions in various galleries, off-locations and art institutions.

Participating Artists 2011

Abner Preis, Alexandra Kisselkova, AMOSE, BLU, Captain Borderline, Claudio Ethos, ComeTogether Youth, DAL, El Bocho, EMESS, ENIVO, ESCIF, Faces On Book, Faith47, Herakut, Herbert Baglione, Holz51, INTI, Jan Vormann, JIAR, Jim Avignon, John Burgerman, Laguna, Lake, L.E.T., Lichtfaktor, Lucy McLauchlan, Lukas Schmidt, Morcky Troubles, Mr. Trash, Nils Müller, OVNI, Pau Quintanajornet, Rakaposhii, Rami Meiri, RIPO, ROA, Rodrigo Branco, Roland Schmitz, Sam3, Smash137, Stefan Strumbel, Thomas Baumgärtel, Van Ray, WESR – Danny Figueroa, Will Barras, Yaikel, ZEDZ


Curation: Anne Scherer (Die Kunstagentin)


AMOSE – Äussere Kanalstraße 340
Alexandra Kisselkova – Parkgürtel 18
Captain Borderline/ Thomas Baumgärtel – Marzellenstraße 72-74
Claudio Ethos – Vogelsanger Straße 28-32
ComeTogether Youth – Vogelsanger Straße 193
DAL – Iltisstraße 100
El Bocho – Heliosstraße 2
ESCIF – Takustraße 38-40
Faith47 – Wissmannstraße 17 (Spielplatz)
Herakut – Venloer Straße 430
INTI – Vogelsanger Straße 14
Laguna – Magnusstraße 19 (Parkhaus)
L.E.T. – Venloer Straße 429
Lucy McLauchlan – Vogelsanger Straße 249 (Alter Güterbahnhof)
Morcky Troubles – Heliosstraße 2
Pau Quintanajornet – Heliosstraße 2
Rakaposhii – Widdersdorfer Straße 188
Rami Meiri – Iltisstraße 94-98/ Gravensteiner Straße
RIPO – Werkstattstraße 7
ROA – Senefelderstraße 5
Sam3 – Subbelratherstraße 186
Smash137 – Christianstraße 60 (E.V.A.)
Yaikel – Schönsteinstraße 5-9
ZEDZ – Christianstraße 60 (E.V.A.)